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Going the Extra Mile to Ensure Safe Driving

Driving School in Langford/Victoria, BC


Why Choose Us?

Our students are more like family to us that is why our main objective is to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to help them become SAFE, DEFENSIVE and RESPONSIBLE drivers.

We understand that each student is different and our aim is to cater them with the best safe driving skills.

Our Services

All lessons are 90 minutes long and includes pick up and drop off. Refer to our packages for additional details.

Our Road Test Package includes 45 minutes warm up at either Mckenzie or Dunnedin ICBC. At a cost of $175. Students are responsible for all ICBC charges.

In addition to all the packages, we understand that each student is different. Some may just want to polish on one or two practices. Either on Parallel Parking or Stall reverse parking. We designed this lesson for such students at a cost of $75. We are willing to work with you.



  • Safe and Defensive driving Techniques

  • Parallel Parking

  • Stall Reverse Parking

  • Up and Downhill Parking

  • Proper Turning Skills

  • Safe Lane Change

  • Merging and Exit Lanes

  • Traffic Circles and Traffic Intersections

  • Stopping Distance

  • Speed maintenance

  • Follow Distance 

  • General Steering Control

  • Cul De Sac

  • 3 Point Turn

  • And many more.



Ensuring Safe Driving in a Welcoming Environment


Horizon Driving School believes in DIVERSITY.


We follow all BC COVID Safety Protocols.


Not only is our school affordable but also students gain quality one one on one and personalized driving lessons.

Youtube Tutorial Videos

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